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About I-SIG

India-Special Interest Group (I-SIG) is committed to promoting stronger ties between India and Japan by supporting projects that foster mutual knowledge and education, deepen understanding, create effective channels of communication, and address common concerns in an increasingly interdependent world.

I-SIG helps Japanese Corporates to overcome the challenges of doing business in India. I-SIG assists Japanese corporates to

  •  Understand and effectively manage cultural differences.
  •  Build effective relationship and exchange information.
  •  Understand Indian Management style and learn effective communication in India.
  •  Understand Government rules and regulations.
  •  Setup business in India.

India-Special Interest Group (I-SIG) is a subsidiary of Indo-Fuji group with office at Nagoya, Japan.

Success Stories

We have helped our partner-companies KDDI, Japan and Astrowix, US to successfully setup their business operations in India.

Opportunities in India

In the current wave of global economic change, as a business strategy, global companies are setting up operations in India.

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Business Opportunities

  •  Setup joint ventures or strategic alliances in India
  •  Assign agents/distributors for your products in India
  •  Export to India
  •  Import from India


Our services cater to any industry, provide business support, and also promote cultural activities.

Business Services

Communications Support Services

Cultural Promotional Services

Health and Educational Services


Contact Us

Nagoya Office:

Indo-Fuji Infotech Japan
2-F, Kawashima Dai 3 Building
30-2, Imaike Minami, Chikusa-Ku
Nagoya 464-0851 JAPAN

Tel/Fax : 052-741-5607 (Mr.Maeno)

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