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Japan - Special Interest Group


This is an information age. Having realized the potential and the transition, a society shall undergo when embracing information technology, the Japan government instituted an Information Technology (IT) task force sometime ago to devise a suite of comprehensive mechanisms to make Japan an advanced country in information technology. The IT task force has come out with a vast number of innovative and path-breaking steps to make this grand vision a reality in a span of five years time frame.

As a part of this major technical venture, Japanese government is to pump trillions of yens to make Japan an IT-enabled country in the above specified time period. To make this gigantic work possible quickly and efficiently, Japanese enterprises (both IT and non-IT), government organizations and institutions have already started to embrace information technology in all aspects of their functioning and interactions.

Information Technology (IT) market analysis groups have also established with evidence that Japanese IT market situation is very bright and highly lucrative for both IT professionals and business houses in India.

The main technical requirements for an IT company and an IT professional to enter into reliable Japan IT market are strong expertise in latest programming languages, software development and deployment environments, wireless computing and communication technologies, and embedded systems software design methodologies.

Dr.K.G.Suresh, who has a vast experience of Japanese business know-how, founded Indo-Fuji Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd . He has worked for more than 12 years in a Japanese IT powerhouse.

  J-SIG launched

Ms. Keiko Nakano, Vice Consul of Consulate-General of Japan and Mr. Isao Yokoi, Senior Investment Advisor in India of JETRO, have formally launched J-SIG ( Japan-Special Interest Group) at Bangalore IT.Com on October 28, 2002.
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What is J-SIG ?

  J-SIG is designed and developed based on Indo-Fuji's knowledge of the business culture and know-how in Japan, to address the software requirements of Japanese enterprises in Japan and elsewhere in the world. J-SIG also helps non-IT Indian organizations penetrate into Japanese markets.

How does J-SIG help Indian Companies penetrate Japanese markets?

J-SIG is a conduit for small and medium size Indian IT and non-IT firms to tap the lucrative Japanese market. It's a window through which Indian companies can reach Japanese customers and reap immense benefits through phenomenal increase in exports. 

J-SIG acts like a 'one-stop facilitator' for such Indian and Japanese corporates to identifying the most befitting partner who can serve Japanese corporates to their entire satisfaction with full understanding of Japanese linguistic & cultural issues. J-SIG is making big strides towards this by offering several services as part of its commitment to both Japan and India. J-SIG sees every challenge as an opportunity from the grass root level; say providing necessary and valid information to taking the Indian corporates through Japanese markets.



How to become a member of J-SIG ?


Indo-Fuji offers Indian companies J-SIG membership on one-time fee basis. J-SIG members can avail at discounted prices several services offered by Indo-Fuji, like identifying potential clients, negotiations, conducting road shows, coordination for participation in exhibitions, preparing marketing & business promotion material in Japanese language, translations & interpretations, conducting seminars & workshops for business promotion, provide project management skills, and technology partnerships. Indo-Fuji also provides advice on higher studies in Japan.

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What are the services offered by J-SIG ?

Practically your office in Japan

As a J-SIG member, you may ask J-SIG to help you to act like your front office in Japan. Of course all at cost. At discounted rates.


J-SIG does marketing for you

You may ask J-SIG to identify potential clients, conduct negotiations, conduct road shows, coordinate for participation in exhibitions, prepare marketing & business promotion material in Japanese language, and conduct seminars & workshops for business promotion. Of course all at cost. At discounted rates.


J-SIG arranges partnerships

J-SIG, upon your request, will discuss with all concerned organizations in Japan and arrange technology and/or marketing partnerships. Of course all at cost. At discounted rates.


Your extended arm

J-SIG with good networking with all its member-organizations, can cater to all your HR needs. Of course all at cost. At discounted rates.

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Higher studies & Scholarships

J-SIG provides advice on higher studies in Japan. Also on other subjects, like entertainment, holidaying, culture, sports, etc. J-SIG helps eligible students to get scholarships in Japanese universities. Of course all at cost. At discounted rates.


Linguistic services

J-SIG offers translation service to its members. J-SIG provides interpreters in India and Japan upon request. Of course all at cost. At discounted rates.


Learn Japanese

J-SIG facilitates corporate training in Japanese language at its member organization, Indo-Fuji Ikusei Labs (I-FIL), Bangalore to all needy member-organizations at discounted rates.



J-SIG events

  • J-SIG organized a delegation from Japan during December 2002. The delegation included eminent personalities, like Chairman of JIBCC, Ambassador of Japan in India and CEOs/CTOs of several leading Japanese corporates, like Honda, Mitsubishi, Toshiba etc.

  • J-SIG led a delegation of Indian IT companies to Japan in association with ESC during July 05~July 11, 2003. J-SIG organized seminars & face-to-face meetings at Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo followed by visit to SODEC/ESEC the most prestigious exhibition in Japan.


Official promoter of SODEC/ESEC


J-SIG has been appointed as the official promoter in India for SODEC/ESEC. J-SIG has signed an agreement with Reed Exhibitions of Japan in this connection.

SODEC/ESEC is recognized as one of the most important trade exhibitions among software development community across the world.

Last year, the exhibition attracted about 160 exhibitors with 56,000 business visitors. The exhibition this year is expected to have about 180 exhibitors with about 60,000 business visitors during July 07~ July 09, 2004.

Japan is one of the most lucrative markets for IT. Going by the present growth rate, the Japanese IT markets will be worth in excess of 10 trillion Japanese Yens (US$84Billion). For Indian companies to tap this market, it is necessary for them to have good understanding of the way business is done in Japan.

J-SIG would guide its members to tap the Japanese IT markets successfully.

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