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Bridging Brilliance

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Technical Skills

  Business Initiatives at Indo-Fuji
  Indo-Fuji offers a wide range of services to its clients through its various structured business initiatives as shown below:
  • Driver Software (Embedded OS Driver, Blue-Tooth Protocol Stack  Development, etc)
  • Middleware (Enterprise System Management, Application Services, etc)
  • Web Application (Database related intranet/ Internet application, etc)
  • Palm OS and Medical Electronics Devices Communication
  • Localization (System Conversion, Language conversion (Japanese to English Version)
  • Offshore Development of Internet Banking Software
  • Enterprise Solutions encompassing e-Business, ERP's (SAP R/3   in particular),   CRM's, and Data warehousing.
   Indo-Fuji's Alliance Partners/Business Associates
  • Indo-Fuji has signed with Fujitsu of Japan and launched their 'System walker' an advanced, highly integrated complete system management solution.
  • Indo-Fuji leads a group of five Indian SME's under Japan - Special Interest Group (J-SIG), banner to bridge brilliance of Indian SME's with that of Japan.
   Project Management Capabilities
Indo-Fuji had executed several projects to the satisfaction of its clients. Indo-Fuji's main clientele being from Japan, we are in tune with international requirements of project management, like conducting system requirement study, collecting customer requirements, designing &   developing business applications using the right technology, delivering on time, and maintaining the project quality etc.
   Quality and Standards

· Right now, Indo-Fuji is following the standards, very close to the CMM level-3. However, due to the client's requirements a few of the projects done to Fujitsu are in line with Fujitsu's quality procedure.
· At the end of this business year, we are targeting for a CMM Level-3 certification.

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