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Hitsujun is a CBT (Computer based training) kit to learn the Japanese language from the basic to the advanced level. This software facilitates pronunciation and practice of every individual Japanese character like Hiragana, Katakana & few hundreds of Kanji’s. With HITSUJUN, the end user will be able to improve his learning curve in a phased manner with the aid of the interactive and user-friendly GUI facilities. The software has been targeted for school children as well as adults.

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Adhyapaka (Computer based languages learning is a CBT(Computer based training) kit to learn the Kannada language from the basic level to the advanced level. This training kit provides the end user to learn the Kannada language in a very efficient way to meet the basic levels and slowly he/she can build up the learning curve in Kannada language. In fact for any language to learn, firstly pronunciation of individual letter and to practice the same is very important. With Adhyapaka, through computer the end user could learn and gain the language in a very efficient way with the available attractive user-friendly GUI facilities

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Helpdesk Management System

Helpdesk Management System Enterprise-standard Helpdesk that can fit in any organization to cater the services for Enterprise Network to log their problems to a centralized database server and resolve the issues through knowledge base. This system will allow the end user to issue a trouble ticket to the concerned department for their network, system related problems.

Also it can work as a helpdesk for call center servers or any other IT-enabled services.

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