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10 Surprising Truths I Learned About A No Strings Attached Relationship

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10 Surprising Truths I Learned About A No Strings Attached Relationship

When I first heard about the no strings attached relationship concept, I was still in college and puzzled. I could never imagine a physical relationship being so casual in nature. The thought of getting naked with someone and then treating the whole episode like a brief conversation was tough to digest. I tried to visualize the concept. Perhaps you meet someone at a random bar, hit it off, and then head straight to either your place or his. Fuelled by alcohol, you both get to it. Perhaps this is the best sex of your life, and then it’s over within the next few minutes. Then, you pass out until the next morning when one of you wakes up before the other, grabs their jacket and shoes, and dashes to the door without turning back. You don’t call or see this person for the next few weeks or years, or if you do see each other, it’s only to hook up again. This either continues or eventually dies out. That is a casual relationship.

It’s convenient, fun, and doesn’t take up too much time and effort. You are not obligated to know and remember the other person’s birthday, favorite color or diet preferences! There are no feelings, no lovey-dovey text messages following the amazing sex you’ve had, and no tolerance for each other’s habits required.

There are no strings attached because the relationship has no expectations whatsoever

Although the casual sexual relationship wasn’t a common phenomenon in the little town I grew up in, I see that it has gained popularity for some extremely logical reasons. Here are some surprising truths I found out about the concept of having a no strings attached relationship.

After some great sex minus the drama that most relationships usually come with, you can sometimes still remain friends. My ex-colleague was hooking up with a guy from her team and this continued for almost a year until they mutually decided to stop. They continue to be friends and occasionally hang out for drinks. She mentioned that it was a strange feeling in the beginning, but then she gradually became accustomed to it. The best part about this friendship she explained was “the ability to still face each other without feeling bitter,” as compared to going through a breakup. Many exes are not able to remain friends because the nature of their past relationship was more than just sex. With the many complicated feelings involved after a breakup, friendship is not always possible.

The one common thing that a lot of people who have been in a no strings attached relationship rave about is the sex itself

Unlike the typical relationship in which sex becomes mechanical and the passion sometimes diminishes, sex in this one is something people look forward to – probably because that’s the only thing there is to the whole relationship! This relationship is fodder for people who just want that one thing. When asked about this, my ex-colleague nonchalantly replied that the reason the sex is great in a no strings attached set up is because you don’t get “tied down” while having to “fulfil” all the other requirements a regular relationship needs. Friends with benefits are often discussing new positions and want to get better each time.

Before Richmond escort girls getting into this agreement, most people are aware that this sort of a relationship could swing both ways. It could either turn into a full-time relationship or go kaput easily. More often than not, people involved in such casual relationships have mentally prepared themselves for the latter.

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