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Embedded Systems

Indo-Fuji offers Embedded Systems development services that meet specific customer requirements. This involves understanding customer requirement, gathering information, identifying technology solution, designing, developing and testing of software for embedded components and systems.

We have worked with major Japanese Enterprises on diverse real-time operating systems, devices & platforms, and associated embedded tools and technologies.

  Embedded & Driver Development
  • Compilers for Embedded Operating Systems
  • GUI for Portable/Embedded Devices
  • Mobile Computing
  • Embedded Linux
  • Driver Development - Display Driver, Touch Screen, Hardware Controls
  • Porting of small footprint X Server.
  • Drivers for Palm, Intent related
  • Bluetooth Stack for Intent RTOS
  • IRDA
  • Intent on T-Engine
  • Embedded Linux
  • Porting Linux on different architectures
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Driver Development
  • Network, PCMCIA, USB, Display, Touch Screen
  • Porting to Newer Linux Kernel Versions
  • Migration from Existing kernel to latest version
  • Prototyping
  • Development of Boot loaders and Board Initialization
  • Expertise on Hardware Debuggers
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          Linux Development

  • Kernel Development
  • Device Drivers
  • File System Management
  • Memory Management
  • Application Development
  • PC Clustering
  • OS Advisory Tools
  • Networking Application
  • Graphics Library Development
  • GTK
  • QT
  • DirectFB
  • TinyX
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  • Testing, Performance and Measurement Tools
  • LTP
  • DejaGNU
  • FTT
  • TCL/TK, Perl, Shell
  • KGDB, GDB and Gprofiling
  • Storage and Management
  • Cluster Management and Measurements

Engineering Services

  • e-Engineering Services
  • Automotive Electronics
  • Real Time Control Systems
  • Networking of Control Systems
  • CAN Protocol
  • BEAN Protocol
  • Body Systems
  • Intelligent Transport Systems
  • Technical Computing
  • QA Support
  • FRV Embedded Development Board
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