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Indo-Fuji Europe Limited (I-FEL) is wholly a subsidiary of the Indo-Fuji Information Technologies Pvt Limited, which is a Global IT Service company providing IT consulting and software services to the finest Global UK and Japanese Organizations.

Indo-Fuji Europe was established in 2003. Indo- Fuji Group has overseas offices at Tokyo (Japan) and USA; Offshore Development Centers at London (UK), Bangalore (India), and Nagoya (Japan).

Indo-Fuji focus and offer Offshore based software services such as Application development, Software maintenance, Internet consultancy & establishing software centers for our customers that offer value & build long term client partnerships.

Indo-Fuji's current 150 people strong teams have over 4 years of experience in delivering large projects & running ODC's for major UK & Japanese Customers worldwide.

Indo-Fuji's value propositions to its customers are its In-depth experience, Domain knowledge, Consistent Service levels & Costs, One stop access to expertise.

By using Indo-Fuji's global delivery model, we provide high quality, rapid time-to-market solutions at affordable prices. The best testimonial to the quality of our services is that over 90% of our revenues come in the form of repeat businesses from continuing UK and Japanese customers.

IT Support Services

  • ASP (Application Service Provider)
  • Consultancy Services
  • IT Security and System & Networking Administration
  • Other Services
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Product Types Supported

  • Computer Languages / Compilers
  • Development Tools
  • Database Systems
  • Internet / Intranet / Extranet
  • IT Security
  • Systems Software & Operating Systems
  • Testing / Debugging Tools
  • Voice / Data Communications

Applications Solutions Supported

  • E-Commerce
  • Internet / Web Enabled Solutions
  • Helpdesk / Technical Support
  • Wireless Technology
  • Embedded and Driver Development
  • IT Security
  • CAD/CAE Applications
  • Automotive Electronics
  • ERP / CRM Support
    •  SAP
    •  Peoplesoft
    •  ORACLE
    •  Siebel

Vertical Markets

  • IT / Telecommunications
  • Motor Industry
  • Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SME)
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