About Research & Development

What is R&D ?

It is a well established, recognized and internally funded core functional unit responsible for the acquisition and creation of knowledge and technology assets and their transformation into processes, solutions and services. The assets can be just outlines and simple processes, or they can be fully developed as toolsets, templates, methodologies, frameworks, specifications, and supporting materials.

Why R&D Division ?

R & D is a core function of any industry and business especially for IT industries. Every company conducts activities to design new offerings, create methodologies, or build processes used to deliver value to clients.

  • Research enhances IT companies’ competitive position
  • Research brings innovation and new ideas
  • Research helps companies to derive greater value and edge
  • Research derives greater efficiency, increase profits, improves productivity and utilization

What we do ?

  • Creating mechanisms for making computers easier to use. Designing software for the next generation hardware.
  • Improving and automating the software design and execution processes.
  • Investigating how far the mathematical algorithms and techniques can be made use of for solving many of the ills facing today’s information technology domain.

Mission and Vision

Indo-Fuji R & D team has been assigned with three main roles.

  • Exploring advanced IT domains to help extend the reach of information technology to common people.
  • Consulting services in the emerging software, hardware, security and storage technologies.
  • Innovative IT Products Design, Development and Deployment.

“Our vision is to be a global and premier provider of highly innovative, trend-setting research results and be an integral part of the company’s success.”