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Product Solutions

Roster Management System

An Overview of IF-ROTATO

IF-Rotato is a comprehensive and integrated Roster Management System designed and developed in state-of-the-start web based technology. IF-Rotato is fully geared up to meet the demands of executing an end-to-end solution for a multi-specialty Hospital or a Clinic. The system incorporates the best healthcare practices and is designed to deliver key tangible benefits to clients.

What is IF-ROTATO?

  • Workforce management software that combines employee scheduling, time clocking, online payroll and staff communication tools into one intuitive application.
  • IF- Rotato integrates with applications you already use like: HR systems, payroll systems, etc.
  • Available on: Android, IOS, and web.

IF-ROTATO in Health

  • The very nature of medical staff scheduling demands the utmost efficiency when it comes to managing rosters for physicians, nurses and other personnel at hospitals and nursing homes. With many positions, functions and skill requirements to meet, accounting of work hours, off hours, budgets, training, tutoring etc. there is need for an intelligent and comprehensive decision support system – especially when the number of staff reaches hundreds and even thousands of employees, operating 24/7.
  • IF-Rotato allows every medical staffing demand to be met. Whether there are two or three shifts to cover in each 24-hour cycle, and taking into account the individual needs and preferences of each staff member. IF- Rotato provides powerful scheduling tools to cover a multitude of shifts, needs and expectations every day, efficiently and easily. In addition, IF-Rotato provides the facilities necessary to keep track of staffing reports, regulated ratios and all of the demands that medical services must meet.
  • IF- Rotato puts real time data at the scheduler’s fingertips. Managers always know the availability of qualified personnel, staff preferences for particular days, shifts and units, and union and regulatory requirements. By seamless integration to HR – Payroll systems IF –Rotato ensures that correct salaries and budgets are met.
  • IF- Rotato streamlines staff scheduling, which translates to better patient care, better work plans and less overtime, less administration – while assuring that all staff needs are met and ultimately within hospital budgets.
  • Forecasting and Follow Up
    Prior to optimizing is budgeting and in this context IF-Rotato is indispensable. In well-structured tables you can see

    • What is the cost of a plan? A week? A month?
    • What is the cost of a shift?
    • What is the cost of a staff group?
    • Are we on track of the budget?
  • Reduce Labor Costs
    IF-Rotato lets you accurately track and forecast staffing needs as well as employee absences. The system warns you of scheduling conflicts and helps you minimize over-staffing, which in turn reduces payroll costs. Likewise, our staff scheduling software allows you to instantly view shift coverage and hours scheduled. With this information readily available, you will be able to optimize your staffing and reduce overtime.
  • Create Schedules in Less Time
    IF- Rotato gives you an easy-to-use graphical user interface and powerful tools that make scheduling, editing information, analyzing data, and distributing schedules easy and simple. Many routine operations disappear with the use of the automatics and semi-automatics in IF-Rotato. Making scheduling easier and faster gives you more time to spend on treating and nursing patients.
  • Shift Coverage Based on Skills
    With If-Rotato you can input your staffing requirements based on skills and see if you have too many or too few employees scheduled. Additionally, this capability allows you to easily view how schedule changes will impact your shift coverage.
  • Functional Coverage
    IF-Rotato supports planning of “functional coverage”. When planning for physicians focus is on the assignment of specific roles or functions during the day rather than work hours. • All relevant staff can easily access information on function coverages eg. “Who’s on call” via smartphones and tablet PCs.
  • Staff Influence
    Key to IF-Rotato success is the interactive interface that allows employees to be included in their own scheduling. Staff can log in from any computer or Smartphone to provide their availability information, view their schedule, request time off or trade shifts. Management has the ability to accept or deny any schedule changes before they are logged. There are many benefits of giving employees an impact on the work schedule – both for the individual employee, but also for the hospital. Employees experience greater satisfaction with the workplace by getting flexibility and ability to coordinate and balance family life and work life. The company will save time on planning and administration and get happy and responsible employees who are less stressed and absent due to illness.
  • Managing Temporary Workers
    IF-Rotato includes facilities to manage staff borrowed from other wards or departments and even staff hired in temporary terms. Advanced booking, accounting and advisory facilities makes scheduling extremely flexible and cost effective.
  • Communicate Schedule Information Effectively
    IF-Rotato allows you to share schedule information by giving staff access to the schedule both on web and on Smart Phones. And with the click of a button, you can send updated schedules via e-mail, sms or publish them to your website.
  • Find the Hidden Gold
    IF-Rotato provides valuable key figures and management information which may quickly explain causes and contexts so proper measures can be taken. Reporting is automated and query information can be used to find business information and statistics for any time frame.
  • Automatic Payroll Information
    As you create shift assignments, IF-Rotato automatically sums up employees’ work hours, calculates overtime, supplements, time-off-in-lieu, etc. and provides detailed payroll information and cost reports so you know beforehand if you are on budget.
  • Interface to External Systems
    IF-Rotato integrates easily with external payroll, personnel and budget systems where information can be transferred automatically back and forth.

IF-Rotato Features

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