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Data Analysis

Data Analysis

Indo-Fuji offers advanced big data and analytics solutions. These solutions will provide insights on products, operations and customers. We have both experience and understanding of the Internet of Things ecosystem. Indo-Fuji is experienced in developing device-side applications, end-user applications, end-user applications and business insights. We believe in bridging brilliance and provide our customers with solutions they’re looking for. Indo-Fuji has successfully provided solutions for real-time dashboard & master management, predictive analysis.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of interrelated digital machines, computing and mechanical devices. They can transfer data without any human-to-computer or human-to-human interaction. We at Indo-Fuji will understand our customers and provide them with solutions with the following services to connect & automate processes, machines, systems and devices of the internet.

Our Services
  • Integration services & Platform Roll out
  • Native Application Development
  • End-to-End security configuration
  • Middle ware Customization
  • API Development of sensor data
  • Testing Services for IoT Solutions
  • Micro Service Layer Development
  • Custom Platform Consulting

Big Data Analytics

Big Data deals with large or complex data sets and extracts information from these data sets by using traditional data processing application software. Indo-Fuji helps its customers in providing domain-specific analytics. These analytics deliver both insights and visibility with the help of real-time streaming of operational data. They use the Hadoop open-source technologies to stream the data.

Our Services
  • Data Insight Framework of Data Analysis & BI
  • Advanced Analytics & Big Data Strategy
  • Technology Offerings – Platforms, Analytics & Integration
  • Map Reduce ETL (Extract, transform, load)
  • Custom Platform Consulting
  • Development on Hadoop & Implementation Services