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Data Science

Data Science

As now the world has entered the age of big data, the requirement for its storage space also developed. It was a major challenge for the industry. To store data, the main focus was to build a framework as well as a solution. Now by using different frameworks, we can solve the storage problem, and the focus has moved to data processing. Here Data Science comes in.

In any industry, data science is one of the most important parts, provided the huge amounts of data that is produced. Enterprises have started utilizing data science methodologies to improve their business and enhance customer satisfaction.

What is Data Science?

Data science can be defined as the domain that deals with an immense amount of data using modern tools as well as strategies to get meaningful information, discover hidden patterns, and make important business decisions. To create predictive models, data science utilizes complex machine learning algorithms. The data utilized for analysis purposes is present in multiple formats and can be derived from various sources.

Why is Data Science Essential?

Primarily, data science is utilized to make predictions and decisions to create predictive casual analytics, prescriptive analytics, which is the blend of predictive and decision science, and machine learning (ML).

  • Predictive causal analytics –

If you want to make a model that can predict the probabilities of a specific task in the future, you have to apply predictive casual analytics.

  • Prescriptive analytics:

If you want to make a model that has the intelligence to make its own decisions and the capability to update it with different measures, certainly you require prescriptive analytics for it. Not only it predicts but also suggests a wide range of prescribed actions and their related outputs.

  • Machine learning to make predictions:

If you want to make a model to decide future trends, then machine learning algorithms are the best one. This comes under the model of supervised learning. Supervised because already you have the information based on which you can train your machines.

  • Machine learning for pattern identification:

If you don’t have certain definite measures based on which you can make your predictions, then you have to get the unrevealed techniques that exist in the dataset to make meaningful predictions. This is a supervised model as you don’t have predefined labels to group. With the help of a clustering algorithm, you can identify the pattern.

How Indofuji Helps to Solve Complex Business Problems:

Our data scientists’ research expertise and capabilities bring together context as well as data to create significant business insights. We are one of the top data science service enterprises providing different data analytics services under one roof. Also, we help different organizations to realize the actual potential of their data through our data science services, which help them to take crucial business decisions.

We Deliver Meaningful Insights With Data Science Solutions

It doesn’t affect where you are in your data science journey, we can partner with you to enable you to get valuable insights from your data at a developed scale with convincing adoption rates. As a top provider of data science services and solutions, Indofuji offers different services covering the complete spectrum of analytics work done in a company, starting from insights and modeling to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine learning (ML).

What We offer

At Indofuji, we facilitate data stewardship that offers strong practices as well as industry-fit processes to make powerful data intelligence and build with data-driven and data-centric decision making.

We Together:

  • Enhance the quality and integrity of your data with the help of data matching as well as enrichment to drive digital development and operational efficiency.
  • Ensure the privacy, security, and compliance of your data with proper data management and data asset regulation.
  • Accelerate customer satisfaction and improve strategic efficiency by merging data catalog and data literacy.
  • Optimize tactical remediation and data consistency through data automation and de-duplication.

Why Indofuji

We are Data Experts

Our experienced data scientists bring together the right set of techniques and capabilities to solve your business issues.

Contextual Understanding

We have a proper understanding of our customer’s business goals. Grasping what has to be done and what data has to be collected that we work on right away.

Actionable Insights

Our data scientists bring together context as well as data to create meaningful business insights.