At Indo-Fuji, we believe freedom of the mind is the mother of all creativity, innovation and quality delivery. This belief has led us to create an open, learning oriented work environment. At Indo-Fuji, learning is a way of life, an enjoyable process. Perhaps we would call our clients typical. They are, in every way, very demanding. It is only by stretching ourselves to meet their demands that we are what we are today.

Indo-Fuji’s growth, we believe, has come largely from building long-term relationships with our clients. And of course, from total commitment to customer satisfaction. We have a simple business paradigm: to provide our customers solutions with a local perspective, while living up to our global promise- quality and technical excellence in every activity. Indo-Fuji is engaged in global service-oriented business dedicated to generating superior and growing customer needs. It achieves this objective by building strong market positions in all its activities.

Indo-Fuji aims to attract and encourage talent at all levels in the company . Indo-Fuji has unique skills in the market, valuable products, and talented people who really add value to the Technology.

With clear strategy and positive outlook Indo-Fuji is no doubt the best. This is achieved by satisfying the customer’s need by providing the highest quality product at the right price and at the right time. Indo-Fuji is committed to achieving its objectives with the aid of committed people in an efficient organization, stressing flexible production, market expertise, technical excellence, and product and design innovation, together with strong financial controls.

With the assistance of its Japanese counterpart, Indo-Fuji has the distinct advantage of continually introducing new products into the Japanese/Indian market. Indo-Fuji has its head office at Bangalore which houses Development Center, Finance, HR and Marketing functions; and onsite development center at Nagoya, Japan, each managed by a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals.

While Indo-Fuji has been envisioned as the torchbearer of our global aspirations, through the creations of Indo-Fuji, we wish to once again demonstrate the capability of our group company to quickly establish a market dominance and leadership position in any segment of any technology related areas. Thus, the birth of Indo-Fuji as a Global Information Technology player.

As far as the technical experts are on par with international standards, Indo-Fuji has been visualized as the vehicle for realizing our global aspirations. Regardless of our background and area of specializations, we have transformed our thinking to a global mindset.

Current Job Openings

Would you like to be a part of a global team? Indo-Fuji operates in a global context and provides you excellent opportunities to interact with the best minds in the industry. Employees are given opportunities to expand their knowledge and expertise through personal development and exposure to new and exciting technologies.

Software Engineer - 2 to 10 yrs exp

Job Location: Japan
Desired Skills: Work experience in the following areas.

  • C with Japanese

Software Engineer - 2 to 10 yrs exp

Job Location: Japan
Desired Skills: Work experience in the following areas.

  • Java with Japanese

Network Engineer - 5 to 8 yrs exp

Job Location: Bangalore/ UK
Technical Skills: Work experience in the following areas.

  • CCNA/ Other Certifications

Software Engineer - 2 to 10 yrs exp

Job Location: Bangalore
Desired Skills: Work experience in the following areas.

  • Java

Server Engineer - 5 to 8 yrs exp

Job Location: Bangalore
Job Description:- should have experience in Ms exchange server , back ups & Storage Division
No of requirements: 5

Server Administrator- 6 to 10 yrs exp

Job Location: Singapore
Job Description:- person should be expert in the installation, implementation and maintenance of AD (Active Director) and Microsoft Exchange Server. There will be more than 200 servers, and in this environment, these Should be effectively implemented.

Japanese Translator- 0 to 5 yrs exp

Job Location: Bangalore

Note: All candidates should be willing to work in Japan for minimum of 2 years

Please send your detailed resume to with the job code mentioned in the subject line.

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