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White Papers, Magazine Articles, Research Papers

1. Web Services Technology – A Broad View
2. Web Services: An Evolution of Component-based Software Engineering
3. Web Services: Developmental Technologies and Tools
4. Web Services: Standards and Protocols
5. Web Services Architecture and Stack Model
6. Web Services Security – Challenges and Solutions
7. Designing and Developing Wireless Web Services
8. Web Services Development using .NET Framework (Tutorial)

9. Web Services Development using Sun ONE Architecture and App. Server (Tutorial)
10. Implementing business Web Services using Java Message Service (JMS)
11. Enterprise Web Services by Enterprise Java Beans (EJBs)
12. Grid Services – Web Services and Grid Computing
13. Web Services and Peer-to-peer (P2P) Computing
14. Achieving Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) by Web Services
15. Business Process Integration (BPI) through Web Services
16. Developing B2B E-business Applications by Web Services

Research Papers Publication

1. Study of pn Junctions using Genetic Algorithm Optimizer, accepted for IEEE TENCON 2003 conference, Bangalore, India.
2. An Improved Genetic Algorithm for VLSI / PCB Placement Problems, communicated to CODEC-2004, Calcutta, India.
3. XSharp – A fast and high performance XML compression algorithm, communicated to SAINT 2004, Tokyo, Japan.
4. Ubiquitous Computing Environment and Devices Case Studies, communicated to ICDCS04, Tokyo, Japan.
5. Ubiquitous Computing – A perspective view, published at the May, 2003 issue of DeveloperIQ Magazine, India.
6. An efficient, faster and J2ME-based security solution for mobile messaging, communicated to TWELTH ANNUAL SYMPOSIUM On Mobile Computing and Applications, Bangalore, India.