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Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure Management

Indo-Fuji perfectly understands the importance of standard infrastructure and upgraded adaptable infrastructure. An enterprise’s success entirely depends on its ability to optimize its infrastructure as a well-calculated virtue. As an enterprise Indo-Fuji has evolved from an esteemed IT player to a pioneer in Digital IT organization that can manage New Media Infrastructure and powering networks of heavy-duty systems providing traffic, high availability and an affluent media consumption.

Data center Management

Indo-Fuji provides traditional data centers and infrastructure capability sets through its Remote Managed IT Infrastructure services in the environment you desire. The location can be your current one or a 3rd party remote facility

Service Offerings
  • Existing collocation investments are retained
  • Alerting and monitoring of remote servers.
  • Protecting and availing mission-critical applications.
  • The state of art offshore development center provides 24/7 support across the globe.
  • The business and technological needs of your enterprise will be met through our agility approach.
  • All service offerings comply with ITIL requirements.
  • Expertise in managing infrastructure effectively through the usage of leading tools in the market.

Server Management

We provide management services which include security hardening, problem-solving, monitoring, administration, etc along with the implementation services for initial setup and configuration of servers.

Service offerings
  • Usage of customized SOE image of the client for server provisioning.
  • Management of Linux and Windows operating systems.
  • Disk space and user account management.
  • Operating systems issues are subjected to troubleshooting.
  • Maintenance of print and file servers.
  • Updating antivirus and patching services.
  • LVM management.
  • Implementation of Apache web services.
  • Installation and configuration of HP, DELL and IBM servers

Network Management

Indo-Fuji ensures our customers are provided with sharp and flexible infrastructure that aids our clients in delivering measurable business value through IT to adjusting to the ever-changing business environment.

Service Offerings
  • Managing SAN, WAN, and LAN.
  • 24/7 support the entire year.
  • The availability of network is 99.99%.
  • Incident management.
  • Monitoring implementation, Design configuration, and support.
  • Wireless support and network security.
  • Managing IOS Nexus OS, Jun OS, Cat OS network devices.
  • Support for multi-vendor through CISCO, Juniper, Aruba, Checkpoint, Fortigate, etc.

Database Management Services

Our proactive monitoring, management, and maintenance maximize the availability and reliability of databases so that our customers can focus on their priorities. We have a team that is experienced in working with 3rd party application providers and enables action required tasks, access along with maintenance of database environments according to the ITIL process.

  • Oracle, SQL, and No-SQL database installation, configuration, and administration.
  • Tuning the performance.
  • Support for production environment is given throughout the day.
  • Database export/ import.
  • Backing up and retrieving mission-critical databases.
  • Expert skill in HA solutions like Database mirroring, Failover clustering, Log shipping, and Replication.

ETL Management

The key aspect of accumulating knowledge about raw data produced by business operations and customers every day is data warehousing.

Maintenance services offerings
  • Scheduling of jobs.
  • Data from different types of data sources is extracted.
  • Generating queries of SQL that validate data in source and target databases.
  • Designing of a low-level document.
  • The error handling process is managed by creating an error handling document.
  • Application of business logics to transform data into target.