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My Air Shield

My Air Shield

MyAirShield™ is an advanced disinfectant device that helps sanitize the air around you by spreading a low concentration of stabilized Chlorine Dioxide gas, one of the best agents against microbial life. The patented formula provides up to 90 days of active air purification and aids in disinfecting your breathing space. Perfect to use in crowded indoor environments, or high-risk situations such as planes, trains, cars, elevators, offices, conference rooms, hospitals, and other closed areas – even at home.

MyAirShield™ is easy to use – just open the sealed package inside the box, take out the device and attach it to your shirt, hang it around your neck, or place it anywhere you would prefer to have cleaner air surrounding you.

Chlorine dioxide (ClO) has a strong antiviral effect and can disinfect the surface of objects and the air in space. In a recent study on the interaction between ClO and protein, ClO oxidatively modified tyrosine and tryptophan residues, and the protein was structurally denatured. Since hemagglutinin and neuraminidase of influenza virus A/H1N1 were inactivated by the reaction with ClO, it is likely that denaturation of the proteins caused inactivation of the virus. A low concentration (0.03 ppm) of ClO gas, where people can stay for a long period of time without any harmful effect, prevented the death of mice caused by infection of influenza virus delivered asan aerosol. We review current information based on the efficiency of ClO solution and gas, and also discuss the application of ClO against influenza pandemics outbreak.

Eliminates Airborne Viruses, Germs, Bacteria and Pollens.

Once opened, MyAirShield begins to release ClO2 gas continuously and slowly for up to 90 days.

With Chlorine dioxide, MyAirShield produces an atmospheric shield of protection against airborne viruses, bacteria, germs, pollen, and odors. MyAirShield technology helps to defend and protect against contagious diseases like influenza or flu, the common cold, coughs, bronchitis, Tuberculosis, and other respiratory illnesses.

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