About Us

Established in January 2000, Indo-Fuji Europe Ltd is a Global Solution Provider in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). Indo-Fuji focuses on capitalizing on its expertise in high-end technology areas.

Indo-Fuji has a successful track record, in which our clients have benefited from our services. We have been delivering innovative, cost-effective, quality software solutions, products and services using new and improved technologies.

Indo-Fuji’s delivery approach is based on partnering with your business. We focus on operational requirements, economic considerations and scheduling constraints. This approach, coupled with our experience and expertise in all areas of Information Technology, provides our clients with a “Total Solution”.

Indo-Fuji Quality Policy

“We shall constantly strive to achieve Optimum Customer Satisfaction through on time delivery and defect-free Products and Services with acceptable Quality level by continuously improving our processes and practices to the utmost satisfaction of all our clients.”

Dr. K G Suresh

Quality and Standards

  • Right now, Indo-Fuji is following the standards very close to the CMM level-3. We are targeting to achieve CMM Level-3 certification by the end of this business year.
  • Few of our projects are in line with Fortune 100 client’s quality procedure.

Chairman's Message

Dr. K G Suresh

Indo-Fuji has successfully completed 20+ years of operations.

Our significant achievements during the last five years has helped us build an organization and infrastructure with subsidiary companies in Japan & India to meet the needs of the coming decades. Indo-Fuji has become a preferred partner to client organizations.

This has become possible only with the cooperation and teamwork of all employees, and constant support and encouragement from our valued customers.

Indo-Fuji has grown and matured with every successful project delivered. The challenges and hurdles we have faced over the years have helped us to streamline and build strong processes.

Indo-Fuji has emerged as a strong and stable organization that our clients can entrust on without any risk. In fact, our client list has grown, and most importantly we have retained each and every client that we have served so far. These achievements have given Indo-Fuji the strength to surge ahead into a promising future.

I have always believed in teamwork. Together, we can take Indo-Fuji and customer satisfaction to higher levels.

With this good stability of first 20 years, we can now forge ahead for the next 5 years by establishing a very strong footprint of Indo-Fuji in India and other parts of world.

Let us work towards our goals by consistently delivering innovative and superior products and services that exceed the expectations of our customers.

Customer Benefits

Our continuous endeavor to add value to our customer’s business makes us an ideal low risk-outsourcing partner. Backed by Industry leaders like Fujitsu of Japan, Indo-Fuji ensures, amongst others, financial stability, best global practices, ethical business approach and a progressive global outlook. Following are some of the benefits to customers.

Cutting Edge Technology

The unique space we have carved for ourselves as a result of working in niche technology domains is a constant source of pride and motivation for all at Indo-Fuji. The single largest factor that distinguishes us from any other software service organizations, is our ability to develop software in emerging technologies. Indo-Fuji’s two focus groups, namely Embedded Technologies Group (ETG), and Product Development Group (PDG) are engaged in pioneering software development work for clients worldwide. Whether the nature of work is protocol stack development, kernel porting, network management, content creation, or ASP solution, Indo-Fuji has the expertise and experience to deliver the software within the prescribed budget, on time, and conforming to the highest standards of quality.In addition to the self-acquired expertise in myriad technology fields, Indo-Fuji, as a member of the Fujitsu Group has access to the know-how accumulated over the years working with Fujitsu group of companies. Thus, bringing to the discussion table, the knowledge and skills from partnerships, projects, and global alliances.

Quality Services at Competitive Prices

Indo-Fuji is committed to the principle of ‘Quality at Affordable Price’. Our unmatched dedication to quality is reflected in our compliance to software development processes, coupled with ISO 9001-2000 certification. In addition to practicing the Fujitsu group’s global ‘best practices’, we are now on the path to keep the processes of SEI CMM Level 3 in place, which leads to a prestigious certification of software development capability and maturity in India. Besides, Indo-Fuji in India follows the TQM processes of Japanese Project Management. While pursuing quality relentlessly, we acknowledge that outsourcing cost benefit is most important to clients. We have a proven record of achieving substantial cost reductions for our clients through competitive pricing and reduced development cycle time.

Virtual 24-Hour Workday: Faster time to market

Catering to operations across the globe, Indo-Fuji has a 24-hour work model in place to ascertain project work being simultaneously carried out at customer site as well as at our offshore facility in India. Our work schedules go beyond time zone differences leading to enormous time and cost savings for the customer. With this virtual 24-hour delivery model in place, our customers benefit from the quick development and consequently faster time to market resulting in distinct competitive advantage.

Flexible Modes of Business Engagement

Indo-Fuji offers a unique suite of software solutions and services, including Fujitsu’s Products that cater to a wide range of business needs. These solutions are a comprehensive paradigm that helps you migrate or grow seamlessly, across organizational life cycle.

‘Just-in-Time’ Resource Planning

Indo-Fuji’s unique methodology enables customers to maintain a ‘Just-in-Time’ resource pool, available at the right time and with the right kind of skill sets to work on projects.

Alliance Partners

To offer complete end-to-end solutions to our clients, Indo-Fuji is committed to build alliances with best of technology, product and solution providers. We partner with technology leaders, grow synergistic-ally with our alliances, and deliver greater value to our mutual client.