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Cloud Migration

Why are Cloud Migration Solutions Important for Business Growth?

Cloud Migration is defined as a method whereby resources, digital assets, applications, or services of an organization are deployed in the cloud, where the migrated things can’t be accessed beyond the firewall of the cloud.

Gone are the days when cloud migration was a buzzword. In these years, with an endless array of business advantages, and smart functionalities, the trend of cloud computing has picked off.

Time-saving functionalities, smart user-friendly applications, improved security, effortless access, and qualitative insights drive the accomplishment of cloud computing and encourage the non-cloud users to make this business-transforming step. Moreover, the reduction in licensing costs and implementation are opening platforms for the business owners to invest in Cloud.

Our Capabilities

We help you in complete digital transformation and shifting to the cloud through accurate methodology, workflow model, roadmap, and ecosystem collaborations through our cloud migration services.

Our professional team works closely with you to find out which technique works best for you- public, private, or hybrid. In our cloud migration consulting services, we follow a customer-centric methodology, data analytics applications, and pre-set templates to ensure taking place of migration in an effective, smooth, and systematic way without any reverse business effect.

Steps followed by Indofuji for effective cloud migration:

As a part of our cloud migration, we make sure easy business applications transition and information to lead cloud platforms like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud, Cloud Linux, and other enterprise cloud solutions.

  • Planned Strategy: We recognize your company’s cloud services adaptability as well as application availability that fits in the cloud.
  • Infra Audit: Evaluate the abilities of your accessible infrastructure in line with the best practices of the industry in terms of scalability, security, automation, disaster recovery, recovering capability, etc.
  • Architect Design: Assimilate existing resources and handle requirements to make a supporting cloud architecture.
  • Automation: Automation with the proven cloud technology solutions of industry create a vital part of cloud migration.
  • Deployment and Testing: Deploy the new cloud environment in the organization; test it for its proper functionalities, scalability, and operational efficiency.

How Indofuji Helps?

Being one of the top cloud migration service providers, Indofuji has delivered time-saving, and effective cloud migration solutions to its wide range of customers.

With our competent approach, here are certain ways by which we help you to reorganize your processes:

  • Creating proper methodology, roadmap, and accomplish journey to cloud re-architecture, operational support, and re-platforming for databases as well as applications
  • 24/7 assistance in all phases of the cloud migration process
  • Reducing error and faults through addressing migration needs and addressing infrastructure requirements.

Cloud Migration Process

We follow the ten-step cloud migration process for our customers:

  • Internal Network evaluation
  • Business operation evaluation
  • Creation of cloud Framework
  • Application Installation
  • Data Compatible Cloud Testing
  • Testing on Cloud Adaptability
  • Functionality Test of Cloud Environment
  • Setting Up Cloud-based Exchange Platform
  • Cloud-based Data Migration as well as Storage
  • Live Cloud Computing

Cloud is an extraordinary business platform which is best to know its benefits and functionalities to know how you can use it. This involves considering the advantages and creating an effectively designed cloud migration strategy.

Business advantages of adopting Cloud Computing Migration Strategy

Improved Deployment

With the help of Cloud computing, DevOps processes become effortless. Application and software deployment become more structured despite a random task that it normally is. And, cloud services remove the necessity to establish servers and install the needed Operating System (OS). Cloud Computing allows different enterprises to start server and resource establishment.

Simplified Infrastructure

Cloud services decrease the infrastructure establishment complexities and its related network. This saves valuable business time that can be utilized for other business development opportunities.

Effective Monitoring

Our cloud service specialists help you to monitor security or downtime apprehension existing in the system. This saves energy as well as time to check every application or element separately. Moreover, we can say that it integrates the monitoring process.

Improvised Security

Previously, the main concern of cloud computing was security. As a completely reliable cloud service provider, we take the responsibility of ensuring security at the time of the cloud experience like keeping hackers away from apps and data. We always take one step ahead by applying automatic security updates to keep you safe from all types of vulnerabilities. However, it needs certain security efforts to ensure data safety.

Reducing Data Centers

Cloud computing and virtualization are two different ideas but carry specific properties. In this case, it decreases the data center numbers that consume the maximum space of the organization and requires extra maintenance costs. Now you can handle data in a single information-sensitive data center.

Investment-Winning Services

As a leading cloud service provider, we help in auto-scaling, which allows customers to enhance or reduce the requirement or utilization of the cloud services as per the requirement. So depending upon your needs, you can save on investments. Also, this helps in downtime prevention.

Better Key Metrics Logging

Logging services and Backup are very important as they let you know regarding what went wrong and at which system or application in case of an outage. A good backup service can get back your data that were disordered because of the outage.

Indofuji is one of the contemporary managed cloud service providers that catalyze IT transformations for hundreds of developing and established global businesses. With the help of our intense technical knowledge and premeditated relationships, platform-agnostic methodology, proven delivery approach, and worldwide network of experts, we provide practical guidance to customers so that they can embrace the IT transformations successfully and grow their businesses. Let us partner with you in your cloud migration journey.

Why Indofuji

We are Data Experts

Our experienced data scientists bring together the right set of techniques and capabilities to solve your business issues.

Contextual Understanding

We have a proper understanding of our customer’s business goals. Grasping what has to be done and what data has to be collected that we work on right away.

Actionable Insights

Our data scientists bring together context as well as data to create meaningful business insights.