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3. The ‘No Strings Attached’ relationship could be holding you both back from getting into more serious and lasting relationships

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3. The ‘No Strings Attached’ relationship could be holding you both back from getting into more serious and lasting relationships

Of course, I assume that you are not looking for a committed and serious relationship, hence the reason that you are either in an NSA or looking to get into one. However, NSA relationships can surprisingly last a long time, and if you are spending a lot of time invested in one person, you might be shutting yourself off to other and more romantic opportunities with other people.

You might realize that as time goes on you would have actually preferred to be in a more serious and monogamous relationship by now, and your NSA relationship was holding you back.

4. You could put less value on real relationships going forward.

Being in an NSA relationship and being in a serious monogamous relationship are two very different things. If you decide that you want to move on and try to date other people more seriously, you might realize that you put less respect and care into your relationships.

‘No Strings Attached’ relationships make it easy to not think about the other person’s feelings. Therefore, this might follow you through to a more serious relationship and you might come across very selfish and perhaps a little too independent. It could lead to your future partner feeling undervalued and unloved.

An NSA relationship is an open relationship, and therefore you have had the opportunity to sleep with whoever you have wanted, while still being in a sexual relationship with one person in particular. This could have bad effects on future relationships, and you might find yourself looking at other people and finding them attractive. There is no harm in doing this, everyone does. The difference is that because previously you could take action and make a move on them, it might be difficult for you to stop yourself from cheating on your partner.

I’m not saying this is an excuse to cheat, but it could be difficult for you to control yourself because you didn’t have to before.

5. The other person could enter a more serious relationship with someone else and bring your ‘No Strings Attached’ relationship to an end.

This is pretty much inevitable. Unless you both fall head over heels for each other and start a serious relationship together, one of you is going to move on and find someone else.

If your NSA relationship ends because of this reason, you could look at it positively and be glad that it didn’t end because one of you fell madly in love with the other or there wasn’t a huge row over jealousy. However, it can be difficult to adjust after losing your designated sex partner, and you might feel like you’ve gone through a breakup, even if you didn’t feel anything emotionally towards them.

It might also make you question what you are doing with your life and relationships – is it possibly time for you to start looking for something a little bit more serious?

6. You have a higher chance of catching an STI.

In a No Strings Attached’ relationship you are obviously more likely to catch some kind of STI than if you were in a monogamous relationship. You might both be sleeping with multiple people, and you might be open with each other about it. In fact, one of the rules within an NSA relationship is that you shouldn’t discuss each other’s sexual partners, but we will have a look at the rules later.

The negative about not speaking about each other’s sexual partners is that you will never know if he is sleeping with someone else with an STI. You can obviously use condoms to avoid the risk of getting an STI, and I highly recommend that. However, we all know that sometimes if we are too excited, we don’t take a lot of precautions.

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